Monday, July 21, 2008

WSO2 Mashup Server 1.5 released

Its been a couple of busy weeks and the effort is worth it. We've been busy working on the Mashup Server 1.5 release which has a bunch of new features.

The following are some of the new features in this release,
  1. Integrated Data Services Support - Users can now create Data Services using the Mashup Server itself. Data Services makes it trivial to expose data locked up in databases, csv files or excel spreadsheets.
  2. Ability to Secure Mashups - Users can now secure mashups running on the Mashup Server by the click of a button. The Mashup Server ships with 15 most commonly used security scenarios which are based on WS-Security. This allows users to control access to their mashups.
  3. Ability to call Secure Services with ease - Calling secure services has never been this easy. Users can call secured services using the Mashup Server by just writing a couple of lines of JavaScript code.
  4. Support for gadgets - Any mashup running on the Mashup Server can be exposed as a google gadget which can be hosted on the Mashup Server itself or igoogle.
  5. Personalized Dashboard - The Mashup Server can also act as a personalized dashboard. More details on that can be found here.
  6. OpenID login support - In the previous release we introduced infocard based login support and in this release we've gone even further and added openID based login support which is powered by the WSO2 Identity Solution.
  7. Service Lifecycle support - Service Lifecycle helps manage life cycle of a particular mashup you deploy in the WSO2 Mashup Server.
There are just a few of the features we've added to this new release. For full details please refer the release note. Stay tuned for more details and usages of these features. We'll be upgrading mooshup to use this new release in the coming days. Until then if you wanna try the WSO2 Mashup Server please feel free to download it cause its available freely under the Apache License.

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