Monday, March 2, 2009

Open Source SOA Platform - Everything you need to build SOAs

There are many proprietary as well as Open Source SOA products in the market. Most of these vendors (if not all) do not offer a Complete set of tools to build SOA's. Some of them may offer an ESB and a Governance Solution while another may offer just an ESB and so on. So isn't there a single Vendor that offers a Complete SOA stack?

Well not really, If you've heard of WSO2 then you would have heard about our SOA platform. I see three distinct advantages in WSO2's SOA platform.
  1. Its a Complete Platform which offers everything you need to build your SOA - What WSO2 provides is not a set of isolated products, its a complete SOA platform where each product can work with another on the same platform. It provides tools for Service creation in Various Languages (Java, C, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript) , Service Composition, SOA Governance, Tools to Consume Services in various languages (Java, C, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript), and tools for Connecting Services.
  2. Its completely Open Source under the Apache License - No Gimmicks, No Community version or Enterprise Version. What you get is Production quality code and its free for you to use the way you wish.
  3. Enterprise level Support from WSO2 which comprise of a set of leaders in the SOA space. You get consultancy from the Architects and the Engineers themselves, Engineers who know every hook and corner of the products.
Interested? All of these products are released under the Apache Licence (No Strings attached) so go ahead download it and try it out yourself. You can provide us your feedback by posting your comments on our forums or dropping us a mail.


Jim said...

Very cool stuff but I have a silly issue... I have no idea even after reading the SOA documentation as to what I really need to download to get started on my own. I mean which products are really needed or is there one giant down loadable package.

Ruwan Linton said...

Hi Jim, you could start with the mostly fitting product, for example you might want to have an ESB installed to enable SOA for your system. In which case, you could download the ESB from here. Or you could start with a bare carbon distribution and build up what you want, by adding the required features like service hosting and so forth.

Thabitiadmin said...

Very intereting discovery this WSO. I work for a bank and I am looking for a Data Exchange interface platform for my customers. This interface is supposed to allow for the bank to integrate with ERP systems on the customers side while also interfacing with the internal core banking system to offer the customer a view of their statements.
Which modules of WSO should I consider.