Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Terror Attack on Cricket - Our Beloved Game

Today was a sad day for Cricket. The reason was the terror attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore. Reading through the news it does seem that the Sri Lankan team was extremely lucky.

It was reported that a rocket flew past the bus. Imagine what would have happened if the driver was hit? What if they took our whole team hostage? What if that rocket hit the bus? The results would have been tragic. We should be happy that it was a lucky escape.

I saw in one of the news that Kumara Sangakkara was quoted as saying" i do not regret playing in lahore". Kudus to the spirit that Sangakkara showed. Terror is everywhere, there is no place thats a 100% safe.

Some people may argue saying that Sri Lanka should not have toured Pakistan, I dont agree with them a bit though. It was a united team from Pakistan and India that came down to Sri Lanka in 1996 when several teams (Australia and the West Indies) refused to come and play in Sri Lanka. This was during the world cup of 1996. We should stand for each other especially in times of difficulty. A stick can be broken easily, but it takes a mighty effort to break a pile of sticks tied together.

Imagine what would have happened if this was the Indian team been attacked in Pakistan? India would have put the blame on Pakistan saying that they were involved. There is so much that the military can do to avoid these incidents.

I sinceerly hope that the 2011 world cup would stay in the Sub Continent.


Prabath said...

Nice post.

Still we say 'Pakistan Sindabath'


the dude said...

this attack on Sri Lanka's cricket team was senseless to say the least, nothing but destructive to all parties involved

Keith Chapman said...

Yes, my feeling is that this was done my a gang who was trying to put Pakistan into Jeopardy.

Sara Reid said...
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bathmate said...

Awesome writing ,good job