Monday, February 23, 2009

20th February 2009 - An Unforgettable Night

Friday night was one of those nights that you'd remember for a long time. I got a news alert around 9.25 PM Saying that the air defence system was activated in anticipation on a possible LTTE air attack. That was when we were going down for dinner. Around 9.40 I heard a weird sound, something like a motor. That was when I decided to step out and look up towards the sky. The sound was getting louder and within a minute or so I saw a small plane fly over us. As it was passing over us there was firing in the direction of the light aircraft. The firing came from the direction of the army camp which is located around 500m from our place (It used to be a commando training camp but now its a staff training college).

My initial suspicion was that they might attack the Sapugaskanda oil refinery which is located around 1Km from our place. Luckyly that was not the case, if it was I could have been toast :).

This was the 7th time the LTTE carried out an air attack. And the 7th time which is lucky for most people sealed their fate. It could well be their last air attack as well.

This was not the first that I experienced such terror. I remember the JVP attacking the Sapugaskanda police station in 1988, I was 7 then. I was fast asleep and suddenly woke up to the noise of gun fire. My mom and dad who slept in the room adjoining us came rushing in. My dad was over me shielding me while my mom was shielding my sister. We heard people firing along the road and that was a horrifying might. Last Friday was not that bad but it sure brought back memories of that incident.

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