Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nadal wins an Epic Final

It was just two days ago that Rafael Nadal was involved in a 5 hour marathon match with Fernando Verdasco. That cracker of a match was worthy of been a final and who would have thought that there could be a match that could better that. Well it happened in the final of the Australian Open when Nadal beat Roger Federer in a match that lasted 4 and a half hours.

This match was arguably between one of the best tennis players of all time against the best player at the moment. Nadal's stamina is extraordinary and some of the points he pulled off was a mere treat to watch. In a post match interview Verdasco stated that a point against Nadal is worth 3 points against any other player. This time I made sure that I didn't miss a game and watched the whole match right to the end.

Federer who was very emotional after the match was on the brink of equaling the record for the most Grand Slams which is held by Pete Sampras. This wasn't Federers moment but I'm sure he will get that record in time to come. I'm also certain that Nadal will break that record before he hangs his boots. Nadal who is just 22 has already won 6 Grand Slams.

It was fitting that the awards were presented by Rod Laver who is one of the greatest tennis players. It is said that to be a real champion you need to win all four Grand Slams in a single calendar year. Only 5 people in the history of the game have achieved this feat, and Rod Laver has done it twice. It was also nice to see the four people he beat at the Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon at the presentation.

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