Monday, February 9, 2009

How to Cluster WSO2 Carbon based Products

Clustering for high availability and scalability is one of the main requirements of any enterprise deployment. As an Enterprise SOA offering WSO2 Carbon based products are capable of running in a clustered environment.

Well if that's the case how does one configure WSO2 products so that they can be clustered? Azeez, an Architect and Product Manager of WSO2 WSAS and Mr clustering at WSO2 has written a couple of articles that explain this in details. In the first article titled "Introduction to WSO2 Carbon Clustering" he explains some of the core concepts associated with WSO2 Carbon clustering. In his second article titled "WSO2 Carbon Cluster Configuration Language" he goes on to explains in detail the clustering configuration language used by WSO2 Carbon based products.

These articles apply to WSO2 WSAS (Web Services Application Server), WSO2 ESB (Enterprice Service Bus), WSO2 BPS (Business Process Server) as well as Apache Axis2.

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