Saturday, January 31, 2009

Australia's supremacy in Cricket is dead and gone

With Australia loosing one day series 4-1 to South Africa they are no more at the top of the ladder. South Africa now take the top spot and they sure deserve it.

Its been a magical tour for South Africa, nobody would have bet that they would defeat Australia in both forms of the game. Australia's supremacy is dead and gone. I don't see them making a come back in the near future. It wont be long before they loose the top spot in the test ranking as well


Nadun Herath said...

I think they will regain no 1 spot again. They got number of young talents such as Warner, Luke Ronchi, David Hussey etc. They have infrastructure and big cricketing culture.

Keith Chapman said...

Well I don't think they will regain the number 1 spot. Even if they do they will not hold on to it for long. They sure do have good talent but they lost too many experienced players in a hurry. There is no replacement to experience.

Raghul said...

Dude! - just have a peek in to the series in South Africa! - Don't write the kangaroos off!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Kieth,

Will you be posting a follow up to this post - be keen to see what your thoughts are now.

Will the aussies be number 1 for 2 years or 5 years - great blog keep it up.